Design Consultation

Our specialist planning consultants and designers strive to provide a bespoke experience for our clients based on individual needs with over 50 years of experience collectively. We believe in paying attention to our clients needs and preserving an eloquent exchange of ideas through our design and subsequent services.

​With the ever-growing need of space, we take your brief of requirements and conceptualise them into a reality. Having provided services for residential and commercial projects, we can identify many obstacles from the onset and provide solutions to overcome them with ease.

​Our motto of work is to be practical but in hand have our designs and ideas out of the box, allowing our clientele to reap the benefits of having a bespoke service.

Planning Permission

Building regulations are a set of standards for most approved plans and some minor works which may not need planning permission but will need building regulation approval. We provide detailed drawings which will assist your contractor and appointed building inspector in identifying the regulated methods of the construction of your proposal.

It is essential to have correct details and to make sure everyone on site has the same understanding, mainly because poor understanding or misjudgement can in some cases prove fatal. It is therefore one of the main reasons we have a close relationship and are also registered partners with LABC, keeping our knowledge base up to date assisting in providing you with a bespoke service.


Our Surveying team offers homeowners, landlords and property developers with unbiassed, proficient advice, wholly independent of any third parties, providing concise detailed party wall awards and survey reports. Our firm holds its professionalism to a high standard and boast of  a varied employee base with associate members of the Faculty of Party wall Surveyors and also have fully qualified Chartered Civil Engineers and Building Inspectors collaborating on a wide range of client needs all within the strict guidelines of each professional body.

Further to our building surveying services we also offer building consultancy, providing expert advice for all your building project needs. Our Building Surveyors have a wealth of experience providing clients with the kind of thorough guidance required to continue and complete all types of projects.


We want to make your life as easy as possible. Keeping that in mind we always have a set of qualified builders available to give you an estimate on the works that need to be carried out.

This saves you a lot of time and hassle as you don’t need to do that extra homework to find the right builders. Paradigm Architecture is here to help you in any way possible.